Wilma vs Wanda for the W #AtoZchallenge

Life is overflowing today so I am doing a quick blog just go keep it going and finish the challenge.  The W has two kick-ass women head to head.

Colonel Wilma Deering, of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Fame.  She lacked a full blown personality but hearing the term Colonel in front of a woman’s name gave me a little thrill, like had we had really come along way in Buck Rogers universe.

Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlet Witch, is Magneto’s daughter in the X-men and twin to Quicksilver. She starts off in the evil camp as one of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Ah, the familial obligations of the children of supervillians!) and then joins the Avengers and comes to the side of good.  In addition to magic, she holds a mutant power, which is quite unusual–she controls probability. How cool is that?

Honorable mention.

Wai Lin, a James Bond Girl with rad martial arts skills, she actually kicked ass, not just stripped down as women in Bond movies are prone to do. The film: Tomorrow Never Dies.

Any other W’s welcome.  And for those of you doing the A to Z Challenge, keep blogging. We can do it.

Seven of Nine takes us to the S..ingularity #AtoZChallenge

I expected to hate Seven of Nine on Star Trek Voyager.  It was so clear, the networks selected blonde, willowy, and stacked Jeri Ryan because she was, well,  blonde, willowy and stacked. I. Was. Wrong.

Seven of Nine grew into one of my most favorite of all female kick-ass characters. Because she was flawed, vulnerable, but powerful and willing to learn. She had a long journey moving from what the Borg made her, to understand she had a choice in what she could become. That my friends is the journey of life we all must take. Seven, gun in one hand, tricorder in the other, showed us how.

Seven also manifests what the singularity might be, a belief spelled out in Kurzweil’s book that human’s will use technology to transcend our biological limitation.  The borg is the singularity as a nightmare scenario. Seven softens those edges, packages it up pretty, and suggests that as long as that technology remains subject to the free will and choices (flawed as the may be) to the human, and creativity remains articulated through spirit, the mix might actually work.

Seven, as glorious as she is, does not  sit alone in the S category.  Here goes:

Storm, of X-men fame, she controlled the weather. What I’d give to bring on a snowstorm when I need one.

Sarah Jane Smith, another Dr. Who babe, from the original series, but so good they brought her back to save the world, yet again, with her own series and K-9, that non-cuddly robotic dog that is too easy to love.

Sarah Connor, of Terminator fame, who pumped iron to save her son and the rest of the world.  She even got her own TV show.

Servalan, the baddie in the Blake’s 7 universe. Come on, is there anyone else out there who likes (okay, remembers) Blake’s 7?

J is for Jaime, Jean, Jenna and Jadzia #AtoZBlog Challenge

Hey all you out in the blogosphere, It has been one busy day, so it will be short post, although the letter J bubbled over with options for kickass sci fi and fantasy babes. Here are my four, your additions welcomed with open arms.

Jaime Sommers, the bionic woman, who has had not one but two TV shows  (in the 1970s and 2007) and showed us just how effective bionic limbs could be.  In the digital age, this is starting to look more and more like reality, less and less like fantasy.

Jean Grey of the X-men, psychic powers extraordinaire, who kickassed with a thought. That’s one power I would love to have. Don’t have to get your hands dirty or clothes ripped. She did justice to that X-man uniform, even that horrendous yellow job.

Jenna Stannis, pilot of Blakes 7, whose piloting expertise saved the group more than once. I’m still looking for another Blakes 7 fan, I know you’re out there somewhere.

Jadzia Dax, the trill from Deep Space Nine. I confess I did not like her at first, but Terry Farrell eventually grew into the role, learned to wield a batliffe, and kickassed with the best of the Klingon warriors.

I know there are more J’s out there.  Please share if you know any.  I am collecting all the names I forgot, overlooked, or didn’t know and will post them in a final tie it all up blog entry at the completion of the A to Z Blog Challenge.