W is for Wave Maidens #AtoZChallenge

Heimdal durch die neun Wellenjungfrauen emporgehoben by K. Ehrenberg

The Wave Maidens are the nine daughters of the Norse sea god and goddess Aegir and Ran.  There are nine of them, each one represents a different element of the waves themselves.

Himinglæva – Transparency of water

Dúfa – Pitching of the wave

Blóðughadda – Red Sea foam, representing the blood after a battle

Hefring (or Hevring) – Surging wave

Uðr (or Unn) – Frothing wave

Hrönn – Welling wave

Bylgja – Big wave

Bara or Dröfn – Foam fleck

Kólga – Cool Wave

In Norse mythology, Odin did the deed with all nine of them, and all nine bore Heimdall, the god who guards the gates of the gods’ fortress. In some myth, they were a randy bunch, helping their mother, Ran, to call sailors to their beds.

Enjoy the other authors of the A to Z Challenge.


  1. reminded me of the nine muses – i love how we humans name things in nature and personify them. and what cool names those would be in an epic fantasy or viking tale!

    1. I like the muses as well. We do seem to have a driving need to personify nature, maybe to make it more familiar, less scary, since we are so vulnerable to it. Thanks for dropping by.

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