T is for Themis..cyra #AtoZChallenge

For the A to Z Challenge today, I’m doing two Ts:  Themiscyra and Themis

Themiscyra is the mythological capital of the Amazons, which is believed to be somewhere in Asia Minor, near the city of Troy, which would be modern day Turkey.  The Amazons took part in the Trojan War on the side of Troy. That is pretty much all I could find without doing some pretty heavy research.

So, I will also highlight Themis, the Greek Titan goddess of divine order, law and custom who held sway over the oracles.  Notably, she delivered justice for divine law, not human rules and regulations. Some tales say she is the mother of the fates.
Bacciarelli Themis

I use Themis in Thirteen Nights to preside over the tribunal which determines the fate of Annie and Tai. Nothing like a Titan goddess of justice to add a little mystery to the outcome. For fun, here’s an excerpt where Themis has her cameo.


Just as the Elder warriors looked ready to storm out, Themis hit a gavel on the table. “I will pass judgment now.” The Elders sat, respectfully—powerful as they both were, neither were strong enough nor stupid enough to defy the Titan goddess of justice, the mother of the Fates and the ruler of the oracles. Even if the magic of the pantheon gods was waning, Themis remained formidable.

“Antiope, you carry the descendant of Hippolyta, the greatest of all Amazon queens.” Annie nodded, but Tai felt her shoulders and back stiffen. Themis was the most powerful deity in the room, her mind her own, her decision final, and they had no clue how this would play out.


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