Making Latkes: Tips from the Trenches

Happy Hannukah to all those who celebrate.  A couple years ago, I was determined to make latkes from scratch, no more mixes for me. hannukah Since I figured I made every mistake in the book, I decided to write up my lessons learned and share them.

  1. Don’t peel the potatoes. There is no need and its much easier and faster.  Cooking latkes takes a long time, so this helped me shorten it.
  2. Put the batter in a bowl of ice.  Once you shred the potatoes and onions, mix in the salt, pepper, matzoh meal and egg, cover the the bowl with silver foil and put it in a bigger bowl filled with ice and some water. The cold keeps the potatoes from browning and lasts awhile.
  3. Keep a lid big enough to cover the frying pan next to the stove.  In case of a fire in the pan, put the lid on top to suffocate the flame.  It is one of quickest, safest ways to deal with a pan fire.
  4. Woks work very well for frying latkes.
  5. Eat and Enjoy.


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