To be or not to be…a cyborg?

I may want me a sexy cyborg, but do I want to be one?  That question is sitting on my table, staring at me, demanding my attention. I can’t seem to look away.

A disk in my neck has collapsed, permanently.  Pain and discomfort levels are tolerable but never far away.  The only real cure is to rebuild the disk with titanium and plastic parts.  If I do, that becomes my first inexorable step into cyborg—part human, part machine.

Stop the melodrama, Sabrina. (Yes, I can hear you out there.)  Lots of people have rebuilt parts, my mother included, and for many it’s been a true god send.  As we age, the integration of machine parts into our bodies gets more likely.

But for this future obsessed geek, it’s more than just a medical fix.  Underneath it all, are questions about who we are, where we’re going, and a niggling thought that we should think some deep thoughts about this before arriving at a new shore of what it means to be human.


My real concern with embracing my inner cyborg is once I get used the metal as a medical fix, it’ll be pretty easy to accept it as an enhancement. Don’t believe me?  Take a look at sports and doping.

We want to shine, to be the best.  Bionics—metal superpowers, genetic advantages, new sources of physical (and intellectual) power.   See where I’m going with this.  What happens when we are promised godhood in exchange for a few hours in the OR? Tempting, no?

So yeah, maybe its only a handful of plastic and titanium…now.  But what of tomorrow?

Thoughts?  Fears? Hopes?  I love to hear from you.


  1. I wonder how my Mum would feel about being deemed a Cyborg? She’s getting her other knee replaced soon, which will give her two pieces of metal! All of me is real at the moment, but I like this Cyborg analogy; it’s cool🙂

    I wonder how Mum passes through the metal detector at airports though? Do they need to be made aware on her passport?

    1. My mom tells them before she goes through the metal detectors. She has a rebuilt back and a leg brace. Sometimes they take her around the detectors, sometimes they make her take her brace off.

    1. Damn it, you got the overlords joke in before me,

      I could totally go for some cool bionic retinas. I want a heads-up display while I’m walking around, telling me how much battery power and ammo I have left.

      I’d also have to start carrying ammo.

      1. Maybe with a little nanotechnology you could just replicate the ammo when needed so you wouldn’t have to carry it. I’m also thinking lasers would be much better and have a wider utility since they function like guns and knives.

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