Second Place! Woot, Woot (and a little wah)

Recently,  two of my works both took second place in two different contests.

Fires of Justice, my debut from Ellora’s Cave releasing October 17, took second in Passionate Ink’s Stroke of Midnight Contest for novellas.

Next Move, a contemporary work in progress, won second in Celtic Hearts Golden Claddagh Contest in the erotic romance category.

Yes, I am thrilled to bits. Its great to be recognized by your peers. I sneak peeks at  the award and go visit the web sites to see my name on the winners list.  As fantastic as that is, I must also confess to feeling a tad disappointed too. I wanted to win first place.  Yes, yes, I know. Bad Sabrina. Unappreciative cat.  But isn’t that why we enter contests?  To win (and get the feedback. I really and truly value that, but…I also wanted gold.)

True to my Virgo character I am compelled to analyze the situation (it also means I really can’t take a compliment or toot my own horn but that’s for another blog post).  So I’ve been thinking on how I can use these mixed feelings to my best advantage. So here’s my take–the real value of second place–winning without winning.

Being able to almost reach the prize is a “rootin, tootin” good incentive to keep writing.  Its enough recognition that I am doing something right and that steel-tipped boot kick in the butt reminder that I still have something to learn, more to grow.  (I seem to be stuck in cowboy drive, yeeha).

For me, writing is always a journey, never an end. To be good at this, and I want to be good (really good), it takes time and disappointment and periods of stagnation.  That’s the value of second place to me–a light in the dark, a beacon to keep going and a justification that all those trips and seemingly wrong turns are all working underneath the surface to move me in the direction I want to go.  But I’m still on the road, making new friends, gaining new skills and positioning myself to get the gold.  Next time.

Join me for a glass of cyber champagne and help me celebrate second, because it is truly marvelous.

How about you?  How do you deal with these road marks on your personal journeys–the ones that have you torn between doing the happy dance and the breaking plates to the tune of the oh rats rant?

Thanks for dropping by. I love to hear from you.



      1. you bet. i’m reminded of the movie whip it about the girl roller derby team that always came in second. they would do this chant after losing, “we’re number two! we’re number two!” i say own it and wear it proudly.

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