Playing Catch-up (coming soon on

Wow. Where did the summer go?  I blinked and missed it.

Progeny is now back at school and after school and weekend activities begin in earnest this week. With my new routine in place, I can reinvigorate things that inadvertently got lost in the summer whirlwind.  That means blogging.  To commit myself to this, I am detailing what I will do and when I will do it over the next few weeks. I’m  also planning activities around my book release, but for the next few weeks, here’s my cyber life.

Wednesday, September 5 I’m guest blogging at Larissa Reinhart’s blog, The ExPat Returneth discussing how traveling abroad sparks the creative impulse and helps us to live in our own skin.  She released her debut mystery. Check it out when you get a chance. Drop by if you get the chance.

Thursday, September 6,  Blog post:  Nurturing your inner fantasy writer.  Results of some summer fun.

Sunday, September 9, I will return to Six Sentence Sunday with snippets from  my debut, Fires of Justice which releases October 17 from Elloras Cave.  I am pleased to announce that it won second place in the Passionate Ink Stroke of Midnight Contest novella category.

Monday, September 10, I am doing a wellness cleanse for 21 days. That’s no alcohol, no caffeine, no sugar, no gluten, and all vegan.  I will share my experience of giving it all up if I manage to keep my sanity in the process.

Tuesday, September 11, Blog post: Reader’s Appreciation Award from Kasia James.  Her sci fi novel, complete with three powerful heroines, just released. Worth a look!

Friday, September 14, Blog post:  Child in Flight

Sunday, September 16, the Indulgent Blog Hop starts. Join me as I tour the sites of many other fab writers revealing their most indulgent books.  I’ll also do Six Sentence Sunday.

Hope to see ya in cyberspace!


  1. Congratulations on the recognition for your novella! I’ll have to check it out.:)
    Good luck with the cleanse too – I can manage the first two, but no gluten, sugar or cheese would be a struggle.

  2. Good luck on your cleanse, I’ve never been vegan but I’ve cut the others out mostly. Ok it’s hard to cut sugar, but I’ve cut it for short periods and I’m careful to moderate now.

    1. Thanks Wren. I am actually looking forward to it. I like doing things that make me feel like I am taking back control over my life, at least when it comes to the little things. This does.

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