Two Blogging Awards: Sisterhood of the World Blogger and Beautiful Blogger Awards

I am thrilled. In the past week, two amazing bloggers have passed on two different blogging awards to me.

From Casey Wyatt, a fabulous writer, I received the Sisterhood of the World Blogger (I love being part of a sisterhood) and from Narcissista, whose blog is a wonderful homage to the pursuit of beauty, anti-aging and fun (don’t we all need a little of that) I now have the Beautiful Blogger Award. Please check out these amazing women as they jazz up cyberspace for us all.
Both awards ask that I share 7 things about myself. I am doing them together cause I could not come up with 14 tidbits.  In the interest of innovation, I am going to share my seven favorite words in other languages.

1. Insuportabile (pronounced in-soo-por-ta-be-lay). This is Italian for unbearable. Saying it actually helps expel the frustration you are feeling.  Using it is really cathartic.

2. Schmuck, which is German for jewelry (gotcha, its pronounced with a long u).  When I arrived in Austria for my junior year abroad, this word was plastered all over the streets.  After all, we all want schmuck draped all over us, right.  After I stopped laughing long enough to think about it, I really took home how things alter through time, space and culture.

3. Ferrocarril, Spanish for train. Learning Spanish in High School, I used to practice this word to master that rolling r sound.  I learned to love saying it. You can feel the letter run down your throat when you pronounce it correctly. My first exposure to the reality that language and words were more than just a method of communication but could touch you and move through your body in tangible ways.

4. Ooh-la-la, French for yowza.  Like insurportabile, you say it and feel it at the same time. It always comes out at just the right time.

5. Shalom and Salaam, the first is Hebrew, the second is Arabic. Both mean peace and are used as greetings in both language.  I find that to be a pretty fantastic way to say hello.

6. Cymru, which is Welsh for Wales.  I lived there for a few years so its near and dear to my heart. (If you click the word you can hear how its pronounced).

7.  P’Tak, which is a  Klingon curse word used to refer to a person, because  ending this with a geeky, sci fi word makes me happy.

With that, I am moving on to name several bloggers to pass the award(s), to. I will let them choose which one(s) they want.

Subtle Kate

Candace Gauger

Rosanna Leo

Vallory Vance


    1. Thanks Valerie. I don’t like discussing myself either so I was trying to find a fun to do it. It reveals something about me but I’m a writer, I want them to participate in finding it.

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