For the Love of #Books: The Booker Award

I feel very privileged that  Kasia James, writer of one of my favorite blogs, has nominated me for the Booker Award.  Even more so when I share that the Booker Award is specific to literary and book-centered blogs.

Here’s the best part, I have to post my top five books of all time.  That’s my idea of a geekin good time.   The other rules–nominate as many blogs as you’d like and post the booker award icon.  How could I resist. Who ever wrote the slogan so has my number.

In a lifetime of reading how does one choose five?

I opted for books that I return to again and again because they continue to speak to the parts of me that need to listen and be heard. With that as my guiding light, the choices are somewhat eclectic, reflecting so many facets of what it means to me to be human.

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

A children’s book, yes, and I have always owned it. In few words and elegant drawings, Sendak shined a star on rebellion as a font of creativity, unconditional love as our source of strength and the need of the explorer to have a home to return to.  Not to mention the importance of having fun.

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle

Meg Murray, the heroine, made alienation cool. An outsider in her family and at school,  she was my geek heroine before the word geek hit mainstream.  Not only did the story itself peak my interest, but for the first time, I felt that I was not alone.  I may follow my own drummer, but there was a whole band out there I might be able to join.  I still read it when I feel the need to hear that other band playing.  I bought my daughter a copy when she was born.  I hope it gives her the same sense of belonging if and when she needs it.

If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler by Italo Calvino

When a writer like Calvino, who ripped convention into shreds and pushed the boundaries of creativity, penned a homage to readers, it is a tale like no other.  In a feast of changing styles and narrative forms,  Calvino memorialized the relationship between writer and reader in a book that had me turning pages, giggling and thinking non-stop. It is the  book I have gifted the most to others over the course of my life.

No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre

The play that brought us the line “hell is other people.”  I come back to it again and again as a reminder that our own choices and our willingness to change ultimately determines the degree of happiness we allow in our lives. Heavy yes, but so is life.  Even so, I’ll end my list with a lighter feel because I still want the happy ending.

The Empress’ New Clothes by Jaid Black

Since I have an erotic romance debuting in October, I had to put one on the list.  This book had me falling off the couch in stitches.  I pull it off the shelf when I need to laugh and to reconnect with the potential of female sexuality in all its mystery and contradictions.

Now, I am passing the award to three wonderful bloggers whose reading list I want to see. They have dynamic blogs so head on over and have a look see.  Drum roll please…..

Ellie Heller – writer and reader of stories tingling with romance, magic and suspense  (and an awesome world builder).

Celia Breslin – writer of urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

Amber Belldene – Paranormal romance writer, desire is devine.

And I’ll end this post with an offer. Since I love books, if any one wants to join in the fun, let me know in the comments and I would be happy to pass the award to you as well. Or just stop by and let me know one of your favorites and why?


  1. Great choices – particularly ‘Where the Wild Things Are,’ which I’ve always loved too! I haven’t heard of the others, but they sound like they are worth hunting out. 🙂

    1. Thanks Kasia. It’s strange that for all my love of sci fi and fantasy, none of the real classics showed up on the list of books I return to I love those genres for escape and a good read and to consider life from different angles. But the books I carry through life are those that I read again and again because the message they deliver and/or the way they deliver it, always motivates or soothes me.

      1. I like that way you put that! I quite agree, although my list did contain some sci-fi as you know. For me, those books were there as they remind me about important elements in writing, and which I aspire to. Wyndham for the wonderful simplicity of his style, and Dick for the kookiness of his imagination.

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