On Winning The Beautiful Blogger Award

The awesome Tonya Cannariato has passed the Beautiful Blogger award to me.  I am pleased and honored and glad to have the kick in the pants I so needed to get back to blogging.  Life has been busy lately–sweet and poignant.  It has made it hard to do what I love best, being here at the computer creating and sharing.  So Tonya gets my zombie love (translation: undying gratitude) for thinking of me, poking me when I needed a good hard one and just because.  We all should be liked just because. Check out Tonya and her fabulous book, Dust to Blood (the tale of an American researcher in post-Soviet Union Russia fraught with romance, political intrigue, a reborn KGB and paranormal elements–a world we know and don’t know)

And here are the rules for the award which I’m not going to follow to the letter. I believe in the need to tailor the world to make it fit our own needs  because it won’t do it for us. 

Practice makes perfect.

Rule One. Share seven things about me.  I’ll do six.

1) The first is above. I like to tailor the rules every now and then.

2)  I love to play word games—scrabble, bananagrams, boggle, upwords.

Creative Commons Attribution: By Mutari (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

3) My favorite artist is Roy Lichtenstein.  His parodies of life make me smile.

4) ) I write in silence.  Tranquility stimulates my creativity.

5)  I was bulimic throughout High School and College.  It seems a lifetime ago. If anyone wants to chat about, I’m always open.

6) I love old children’s books and if I had the time and the money, I’d be a collector.

The next rule is to pass the award to seven bloggers.  I am going to do five but add in books to watch for.  I’m always looking for a good book. The award is passed to:

Casey Wyatt, Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Author. Check out Mystic Ink. A sea nymph tattoo artist meets supernatural agent. Paints quite the picture in my mind.

Silver James, author of the enticing paranormal trilogy Moonstruck Trilogy. Last time I visited, the blog was covered with Joe Manganiello’s (Alcide) torso.

Sandra de Helen at Red Crested Chatter. Her book, The Hounding, features a female Sherlock Holmes.

Celia Breslin, paranormal romance writer. Visit her world and vivid imagination. Her WIP  Haven got my attention.

Kasia James, a creative spirit who splashes art, words and ideas into the blogsphere. Her WIP is the Artemis Effect, a science fiction effort. Can’t wait to read it.


  1. Thank you Sabrina! Great post, but I’ve got to ask – what on Earth is a bananagram? Is it someone who turns up and sings you ‘Happy Birthday’ dressed as fruit?
    I’m completely with you on writing in silence, and on the children’s’ books.

    1. Bananagrams is a crossword game which packages tiles in a cloth banana. I am glad to hear someone else writes in the silence. I feel quite the anomaly sometime when I kept running into other writers’ play list.

      1. Yes! It seems most people do write to music, but I guess I’m just too easily distracted. There is enough extraneous stuff going on in my head already, without outside distractions as well. 🙂

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