Siri and Me: Adventures with My Iphone

I ripped through the packaging to get at my new iphone, latest model, all the bells and whistles.  A brand new toy, one that has a name and talks back.

Siri was home and she is amazing. You can ask her to look up and call a number, research information on the net, distinguish among all the Jills logged in my phone.

As much as I love her, two things have my eyebrows hitting my hairline.

I have this overwhelming need to address “her” by name.  Call my mom, Siri.  Get me directions to the Deli, Siri.  What’s the difference between a biome and a habitat, Siri?  Is this normal?  It’s a phone–a  smart phone okay–but still a gadget.  Has the age of sentient machines begun and am I giving in to the inevitable?

My daughter, on the other hand, relates differently.  Let’s listen in.   “Find. Information. On. Penguins. For. My. Homework.”  Note she didn’t say Siri but made damn sure Siri got every word.

Will. We. All. Talk. Like. This. In. The. Future?

What. Do. You. Think?


    1. No kidding :). I just bought a kindle fire. That’s probably only a few updates away from being my next AI buddy. As for my daughter, she’s like Coco Chanel looking in a microscope sitting in a Director’s chair. Hard to know now how that will all play out but its fun (if frustrating at times) to watch.

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