Alien Anatomy, Where is it?

Riddle me this. Why do almost all humanoid species and paranormal supernaturals sport the same sexual equipment and it works just like ours?  Their ears may be cupped, their blood silver, and two hearts beat in their belly, they buzz or glow in the happy moments or  have different erogenous zones but the sexual apparatus is non-negotiable.  Anatomy cannot impede true love.

It makes it easier to get it on with an Alien dude or dudette, but we’re more imaginative than that.  Invention is a human specialty.

Lets look at this logically? Vampire traditionally are dead, they don’t have kids so why does their equipment still work? What are the men ejaculating anyway?  Live sperm from the walking dead?  Dead sperm, now that’s a cold shower if there ever was one.  Yuck.  There are ways around this, of course.  We can make them a new, living species, ignore it because its fantasy, or innovate with it. In Morgan Hawke’s House of Shadows, our vampire hero Rick shoots blood. Messy but so very vampire.

Seems to me, playing with alternative genitalia can really spice up a paranormal, sci fi or any other story for that matter. Just because.

There are a few fun examples out there.  In another world created by Morgan Hawke’s Imperial Stars Series, skeldhi males have two, one for the front and back door. Aah creativity.

Laurell K. Hamilton’s Merry Gentry Series gave us  Sholto, King of the Slaugh, a hybrid, whose extra bits and bobs stimulate multiple parts. So you have the physical pleasure of a ménage but the emotional depth of a single partner.  That’s what I’m talking about.

These worlds don’t just push at the edges of the box, they obliterate it and rebuild.  (Hamilton goes well beyond anatomy but you’ll have to read it yourself).

How do we explore the depth of who we are, if don’t hack away at our barriers, including the anatomical ones?

Any favorite alien body parts out there? Examples of other books that don’t let human anatomy get in the way of a good story?


    1. Thanks. I thought the flower worked too, interesting imagery–physical, spiritual, visual. Its always fun to play with ideas and pictures. Thanks for stopping by. Had a chance to view yours. loved the about page.

  1. In the classic Star Trek episdoe “Metamorphosis”,The Companion is an energy being that communes with Zefram Cochrane. He feels creeped out when he finds out that The Companion is female, loves him and has been considering this connection more than just communication. But that might not be carnal enough to count as a sexual connection. That is the only instance that I can think of that doesn’t rely upon equipment similar to humans’. Interesting question, Sabrina!

    1. You make a good point that bonding is not always anatomical at least in a way a human would understand it. That’s exactly what I mean, if we stretch our imagination we deepen our understanding of what it means to be human. Thanks Naomi.

  2. Funny you bring up Star Trek…do you remember the creature in The Undiscovered Country whose genitals were on his knees? Probably the biggest flaw in designing alien sex organs is a lack of imagination in the purpose of copulation, biologically speaking. Look at all the bizarre ways animals on earth transfer a bit of a male to a bit of a female (or sometimes the other way around). Sticks and holes start to feel awfully quaint.

    1. Right on. I don’t remember the guy in the Undiscovered country but will have to look him up. It’s true, there so much fodder right here on earth and we never use it. Thanks for dropping by. Great comment.

  3. Farscape gave us a few characters with some interesting erogenous zones. Rygel isn’t a “body breeder” but loves eyebrow rubs and physically has too take a nap after an orgasm. Zhaan looks to have the standard “anthropoid biped” set up, but really her whole body is an erogenous zone when in contact with light… which makes her relationship with Stark (who is made up of light) make a lot more sense. Scorpius doesn’t seem to remove his clothes at all to get down, and his frenemy/lover Natira liked getting her spider antenna things licked. And, of course, there’s my favorite, Staanz.

    There’s a lot of *ahem* interesting theories as to what Spock’s word-that-rhymes-with-Spock looks and works like in fanfic. Retractable, removable, almost always green…

    1. Too true. It’s easier to play with erogenous zones than the anatomy. And much of what is different is like Zhaan, energy based, which offers an anatomy-free way of merging. Missed the Spock fanfic, will have to take a look.

  4. You know, I’ve always wondered about that too. Captain Kirk was always getting it on with aliens, but at least they were all people-shaped.
    The only other one I can think of is Mac, in ‘Earth Girls are Easy’, who has his ‘love-touch’, which looked fun. I think he still had the usual equipment though.

    1. Kirk never made it with an alien that actually looked like one, they were pretty much all shapely, scantily-clad, and with the worst hairdos ever. Stll fun though.

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