Tiptoeing Through the Tulips: The Field of Flowers Award


I am indebted to the wonderful Sandra Danby for nominating me for the Field of Flowers Award. Sandra is a fellow writer and one of my co-contributers to the Milk of Female Kindness, an honest book on Motherhood. Its been a crazy year, with the weather rearranging and reorganizing deadline after deadline, week after week, that I am behind on all things, and have not been able to give the blog the time and attention it deserves. I am also in the midst of rethinking this. You may notice I’ve changed the tagline to Writing a Woman’s Journey.  Hints of the focus to come. So I am doubly thankful to Sandra. For the award, and for getting me back here.

Since I’ve not been here for awhile, and I’m the thinking process of a site redesign, I’ll break the rules, as I like to do sometimes, and not name others. Rather, I’ll ask if anyone would like to receive it. Let me know, and I’m happy to do a separate post, tweet and FB for it.




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