Dating in DC: Using a City as a Story’s Backdrop

My latest release, Thirteen Nights, takes place in Washington, DC, where I live. Using the amenities as part of the story can be a lot of fun. Personally, I think it also helps to make the US capitol city more accessible. It’s not just a place of governance, although that is an inevitable part of the landscape, but it’s also a city where people live, work and play. Come explore my city with me using snippets from the book and photos.

The White House


One of the mains streets to drive into and around Washington, DC from the North is 16th Street.  The street actually ends at the Lafayette Park which a block-sized park in front of the White House. On a clear day or night, driving down this road, DC’s most famous residence can often be part of your view. In this snippet, Tai is picking up Annie to out on a date with Tai, which is not really permitted in the Thirteen Nights right. (NB: Tai has a way of getting what he wants).

Fortunately—or not—the slit on her skirt allowed her easy access on the Ducati. He jacked into high gear, hoping that if he went fast enough no one would have the chance to drool over her extraordinary legs. Speeding down Sixteenth Street, with those lush breasts pushed tight against his back, he barely noticed the grandeur of the White House, which marked the end of the road.

Rock Creek Park

In the book, the warriors need to be close to nature, even when in cities. Rock Creek Park, a 1700 acre park in that takes up a good chunk of DC Northwest quarter, gives them opportunity to do so. Watch how Annie and Tai take full advantage.

Boulder bridge rock creek park3
Riding Horses.

He hopped on Frack, a black stallion that stank of power and arrogance, and sped off, knowing she’d follow. The warrior races learned to ride as soon as they could walk. The night wind against his face, the scent of pine in his nose, calmed his soul. And the woman catching up to him was becoming his heartbeat.

The dull whoosh of a branch ticked his ear up, the only clue that Annie passed him. “Follow me,” she yelled.

Anywhere. He couldn’t tell her that, yet.

Running on the trails.

 She needed to move. “Let’s run.” He had come in a tracksuit as she requested last night. The part of her that was pure warrior needed to test his physical skills, know he could take her on, give her a real fight. It was a fair question to ask about the man who might father her child, even if that wasn’t why her heart wanted to know.

They ran the first five miles at a leisurely eight-minute mile along the paths in Rock Creek Park. She was content to feel motion in her body, the wind against her face, the ground against her feet. The Hunter’s moon provided a soft, dusty light but it was sufficient for their superior eyesight.

Without skipping a beat, Annie body-slammed Tai, but found herself on the ground, no prey beneath. Sleek and graceful as a jungle cat, Tai leapt forward into a forward roll and escaped. Her shoulder ached where it crashed into a rock.

The National Gallery of Art Ice Skating Rink and Sculpture Garden

skating rink

Tai takes Annie on a date to the outdoor ice skating rink at the National Gallery, followed by a walk through outdoor sculpture garden. Here are the three sculptures referenced in their talk.

ANNIE: “So explain this to me.” She pointed to a giant concrete and metal sculpture with a red circular bottom, long blue fringe and a metal center that joined the two.


TAI: “It’s a different lens to look at the past. A typewriter eraser holds little value now, but was once in daily use. Turning such a small thing into art forces us to ask if an attachment to the past holds us back, limits us.” He had to make her see, make her question. The crease along her brow suggested she was thinking about it. “Let me show you my favorite.”

photo 3

ANNIE: “I think this is my favorite,” she said in front of a structure made of stacked metal chairs that formed a ladder to the sky. “Using commonplace things to create something remarkable—new, larger than life.”

He just had to kiss her for that,

stacked chairs

I hope you enjoyed the whirlwhind tour.  What city do you want see in a romance novel and why?


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