Stronger and Sexier by the Dozen

Sabrina Garie:

How do you like your superheroes?

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I like my superheroes in teams, working together, crying together, eating shwarma. When I was young (primary and secondary school),  I loved the Legion of Superheroes.  Remember them?  Saturn Girl, Timber Wolf, Lightning Lad and his sister Light Lass, Braniac, Triplicate Girl, Chameleon Boy…heck, even Superboy traveled to the future to join thee group.  Doing it in a team always seemed more realistic. Yes, they had superpowers but they also had weaknesses. Often big ones.

My love for puppy piles of superheroes was strengthened and deepened by the X-Men. That group brought misfits, outsiders, the onlies and the lonelies together. And if being part of the squad did not make each one whole and healed, it did make things better for them. Because one thing we love to love about superheroes, is the isolation and loneliness that comes from having unworldly and often ill-understood powers. To be…

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Help Me Choose a Cover

Okay, I’m about to self-publish my first story. Its called A Flicker Of Power, and its part of my Divine Temptation series. Its number 1.5, between Thirteen Nights and Life Reignited.  The first thing I’m trying to master is making a cover.  I’ve come up with several variations. Take a look then vote as to which one you like better. Or just leave a comment telling me what you think.  Here goes.

Option1                                                                                                                                                                                 Option 2

A Flicker of Power_textA Flicker of Power_lightning









Option 3

                                                                                                                                      Option 4

A Flicker of Power_BW       A Flicker of Power_light

Writing: Its One Word at a Time

The wonderful Sandra Danby, my fellow contributor to The Milk of Female Kindenss: An Anthology of Honest Motherhood, nominated me for the writing process blog tour. She is currently working on the second novel in the Rose Haldane identity detective series (how cool an idea is that?). Here goes.


How do you start your writing projects?

I’m never without ideas, as a general rule. But it often starts as a small concept that evolves and shifts over time. I also do well with broad writing prompts, such as in anthologies. Here’s an example of how that works. thirteennights_msr

About two years ago, some writer peeps and I were toying with the idea of doing an anthology. The common thread-a club run by a siren-had to show up somewhere in the story. I knew I wanted to write a love story about an Amazon warrior finding love, as I have a thing for strong, kick-ass women as heroines.   A little research on Greek mythology revealed that Amazons probably procreated by heading over to their neighbors, the Gargareans, once a year—a sort of hit and run baby production ritual. Digging deeper, I found that there was a preference to spend 13 nights together as that was believed to increase the chance of conceiving. Given the standard ovulation cycle, there is truth there. From those various pieces, Thirteen Nights emerged. I made the club called Neutral Ground, based in DC where I live, the location for an annual speed dating ritual between the Amazons and Gargareans in modern day. From a germ of an idea, I built the foundation for the story.

I loved the world so much, I turned it into a series, Divine Temptation. All the heroines are Amazons. LifeReignitedBook 2, Life Reignited, launches on September 3.

So often, once a project starts, it’s easy to spin off additional stories. Once I’ve started to create a world populated with characters I’ve grown to love, I want them all to have their HEA.


How do you continue your writing projects?

I do a broad outline of the main story and try to summarize each chapter into a sentence. Then I just sit down and write. I’m pretty much a pantser with an outline.

How do you finish your project?

One word at a time. Once I complete a full draft, I put it aside. Then I re-read, revise and repeat the process. The third draft I send out for critique and feedback. Then I revise based on the feedback. Put aside, then do a last final edit before sending it off.

Include one challenge or additional tip that our collective communities could help with or benefit from.

Don’t get caught up with what other people are doing. We each have our own style, pace, life demands, etc… Its too easy to feel the pressure to do more (write more words, market more, publish more).  We each bring our own unique voice that we develop and nurture in our own unique way. Be proud of how you do it. Of course experiment with different approaches, but you and only you should be the final judge of what works for you.

Passing the Pen

I am passing the pen to Misa Buckley, an awesome author of science fiction romance, a genre I aspire to write in.  Misa has a slew of books you must check out.

Having a god to dinner (and a #giveaway)

Sabrina Garie:

I’m having a giveaway. Read on to find out what to do.

Originally posted on Darker Temptations:

LifeReignited At my dinner party, the guest of honor is Forseti, Norse god of justice and truth.  He is a pivotal character in my soon to be released novella, Life Reignited. Because his vocation is arbitration, he focues his full attention on the person talking and the topic at hand. His power is to make each person’s voice feel valued. Some dinner party guest, huh?  Here’s a snippet from the book, where we meet our silver-tongued god.

“Welcome to Norway.” The god’s voice flowed like honey over the room. A sense of peace settled in Sander’s gut. From the awestruck looks on everyone else’s faces, they felt it too. “I am Forseti,” he continued, leaning forward, eyes moving from one person to the next. Now that made sense. Forseti was the Norse god of justice and truth, known for his mediation and arbitration skills and a voice that could calm a…

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Dark, Darker, Darkest…

Sabrina Garie:

What’s your darkest temptation?

Originally posted on Darker Temptations:

Your assignment, should you chose to accept it, is to write free form to the prompt an even darker temptation. Here goes.

Darker Temptation conjures up images of lust, and chocolate, and swigging champagne out of the bottle with no thought for cost or the next morning. Its shifters with night-glow predator eyes, a vampires with blood streaked around his lip like smeared lipstick that somehow has your body shivering in anticipation. Its lurid thoughts of blindfolds, handcuffs or whipped cream, whatever works for you. Darker Temptations are the unexpected feelings of pleasure you get when you just aren’t supposed it.

champagne glasses

So what’s an even darker temptation?  It stepping past boundaries you could never imagine yourself crossing.  Being tied up naked on a stage while person after person pleasures you to the applause of cheering crowds. And screaming like you’ve never screamed before.  Its snatching a piece of jewelery, something…

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The Seven Game: Hope Restored

The awesome Jennifer James tagged me for the 7 game, and I’m finally getting around to do it. The rules are simple:

Go to page 7 or 77 in your current WIP.
Go to line 7 Post on your blog the next 7 sentences or 7 lines—as they are!
Tag 7 people to do the same.

My current WIP is Hope Restored, Book 3 in Divine Temptation. Book 2, Life Reignited is coming out on September 3. All three books feature Amazon warriors as the heroines. Here are the seven from page seven. It is not for the under 18, so if you are, please do not continue.  The scene is as follows. Our heroine, Marta, is sitting on a bar stool, listening to our hero, Payton (who is actually the half-god Paean) playing the guitar.  The music actually healing her, as she’s pretty damaged (physically and emotionally).


She’d never felt so alive. So free, So amorous. Sex rolled off of him in waves, spicing the air. Others began squirming in their seats around her.

As the connection between them strengthened, the sweetness morphed into a burning need, that had her nipples tight and her clit throbbing. If she could touch herself to relieve the ache, she would. From the way he shifted on his seat, kept moving his guitar to cover his loins and his now-ink black stare drilled through her, she guessed he was feeling it to. When he finished his song, he lay his guitar on the back of the stage and headed into the audience.


Book 1,  Thirteen Nights is out.  Book 2, Life Reignited releases from Ellora’s Cave on September 3.



Back to Innocence (nah)

Originally posted on Darker Temptations:

Marilyn Monroe in Niagara

I must be truthful. My favorite decade of last century is the 60s because people broke rules, dreamed big, and lived for a better w0rld. But two of my blogger peeps did the 60s so well, I’ll take another tack.  I’ll pick the 50s. They felt rocking, full of hope and promise. But society was fraying at the edges, and they danced to keep it at bay.

The 50’s shows up as an innocent time, and there is an appeal to that. Music was fresh, TV was still a new medium (I still watch I Love Lucy and Mr. Ed Reruns), movies were breaking new boundaries (Rashomon, Streetcar Named Desire, All About Eve, Rebel Without A Cause, On the Waterfront, Forbidden Planet).  There was an honesty in its innocence, a faith in the world that is provides hope to everyone who can partake. It broke open in the 60s, with…

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Recipes and Minions: Mine and others

Originally posted on Darker Temptations:

I ruthlessly and unapologetically borrow recipes.  That means that most of my favorites are from somewhere else. But I do give credit. So I will share one easy summer cooler from me and several links from one of my favorite food/recipe website.

Mine:  Flavored Ice Cubes

There’s nothing really original here but one of my favorite summer coolers is fruit juice frozen in ice cube trays.   Pineapple, orange, grape, anything you like. You can even mix them. But grabbing one to suck on outside on when you are running around in the heat is a great way to cool off in the blaze of summer.


Overnight No-Cook Refrigerator Oatmeal

I discovered this when a friend shared it on facebook. Its steel cut oats, which I never get to eat in the summer because I don’t feel like cooking or eating a hot breakfast. Yogurt and fruit and a few…

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The End: Atavistic Were Finale

Sabrina Garie:

The finale of the Round Robin story. Come read it and tell us how you liked this experiment. And your thoughts on the secret.

Originally posted on Darker Temptations:

INTRO: Over the past next two weeks, we’re experimented with story telling. Marcella started a story. Viki added the middle and now I have to complete it.  We had not talked about our plans or compared notes on the characters or plotline.  I pick up from the end of part II.  To write the story in order, click the names above.

“And if I decide to help you, what’s in it for me?”

“Anguish. Pain. A few pot shots I imagine. You will not be welcome by many.” He swore a flicker of anguish flashed across her face before the steel returned. “But you will also find redemption, an end to the loneliness buried so deep in your bones it shows in the stiffness of your back, the tic that flares across your knuckles as you struggle to keep your claws inside, the howl you swallow in every breath.


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Story Part 2: Atavistic Were

Sabrina Garie:

Another awesome installment of the Darker Temptations Round Robin. Viki Lyn continues where Marcella Burnard left off. I’ll finish it up next week. On Thursday, Tina Christopher adds the next piece. Come join the story.

Originally posted on Darker Temptations:

Here is part two of Atavistic Were:

INTRO: These next two weeks, we’re experimenting. Marcella started a story. My fellow authors are going to further the story and then finally complete it. But no pressure. :D We have not talked about our plans or compared notes on the characters or plotline. This should be a surprise for all of us.

Starting from the ending of Part One (click here to read part 1):

“I don’t want your pity.”

“What do you want?”

“It is possible, if unlikely, that I am not the only legend walking around and taking on fur with the moon phases. If other prides have cast out their misfits and those misfits have survived, I’d like you to help me find them.”

Samuel scratched his injured cheek with the tip of his pen. How the hell was he supposed to search for mutant weres? This…

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